Karin Stumpf


“ I develop visual stories from our lives to decode our memories! ”

About Karin Stumpf 

Born in France, raised in Cameroon, France, the UK and Switzerland, Karin is a citizen of the world.

She has attended courses with Jonas Burgert, Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Norbert Bisky, Marion Eichmann, Natalia and Maria Petschatnikov, Mirko Schallenberg, and Hollie Heller. She is a Student of Ute Wöllmann (Class of Georg Baselitz) at the Akademie für Malerei in Berlin.

Karin Stumpf's use of materials, paint and embroidery has established her as an exciting artist with a distinctive technique. A traveller at heart, she draws on the sensations of her explorations throughout her career. Composed through the accumulation of successive layers, her images offer different levels of visibility, creating a tension between surface and depth: her superimpositions and transparency create an aesthetic that evokes the workings of memory.

In her art she tells her story as well as the world that surrounds her. Her artist books bear testimony of her surrounding, her personal history involving the viewers into a dialog.

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