Karin Stumpf

layer upon layer, add, substract to create your individual story

About Karin Stumpf

Born in France, raised in Cameroon, France, the UK and Switzerland, Karin is a citizen of the world. 

She has developed her style by attending courses in Mexico, Costa Rica, Bali, Myanmar, Spain, Austria as well as Germany.

In her art she tells the story of her international family, of the people that have influenced her. In her artist books she bears testimony of the times we are in, about the people around her and comes into a dialog with the viewer. 

Karin Stumpf


I love telling stories, about past, present and future times

Karin Stumpf's Art


transparent, light, like the remaining traces of foregone times

Linoleum Prints

in an attempt of making art more accessible, her linoleum prints im mixed-media style remain unique, while still affordable

Artist Books

every book tells its own story, be it reminiscent of the past, of travels in different countries, or stories shared with everyday artists

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